Ward Cunningham

I am a continual proponent of the wiki style, where structure in the work emerges unmanaged by assumptions of programmers. This is the exact opposite of the sinister "algorithm" that now rules popular social software. I've now pushed this style into a computational realm where collaborators can do computing as well as talk about the computing they do. Every result ends up a story.

I've written About Federated Wiki for those who take an academic interest in our work and want most to relate it to other innovations in communities of purpose.

I've created similar sites but with a different intended audience and at different points in this wiki's history.

Names of Things explains the jargon we use so routinely we may not recognize it as such.

Field Guide to the Federation will show you what we find interesting here and suggest how you can make yourself at home in a site of your own.

Federated Wiki Design Principles describes our beliefs that most strongly influenced this work.