Pages move freely throughout the federation which we subdivide into regions of various scale so as to have the pages we want and avoid the pages that would conflict or distract.

A page accumulates context as it is forked from site to site. Links when clicked are resolved within this context.

A tab accumulates a neighborhood of sites as browsing exposes it to many contexts.

Search consults sitemaps fetched for each neighbor. Results are most relevant when the neighborhood is not too big or too small.

# Curation

Community depends on the attention of others. We have devised various schemes for collecting and maintaining lists of sites that make good neighbors.

A page from one site can be joined to another by drag and drop followed by fork.

A page from one site can be referenced another by drag and drop to a Factory which creates a Reference.

A page of References can represent a useful neighborhood that can be retrieved by revisiting the page.

A site full of Reference pages offers a searchable index of curated keywords. Entries come from a Transporter.

A Roster offers a compact lists of sites likely participating in some collaboration. See About Roster Plugin

A Roster of index sites distributes collection responsibility between multiple curators, categorized if needed.

A search engine can produce Rosters from queries or new discoveries. See Recent Activity

# Caulfield

Mike Caulfield has explored many ways to write for and participate in communities.

Write for your future self by keeping a journal. Write about what you read every day. Quote liberally. Keep chronologically. Note connections as they surface.

Recruit colleagues to write together quoting or copying from each other over a period of weeks or months as a happening.

Organize students or other communities into pods defined by a charter and a Roster. By his design pod leadership can expel bad actors from the shared roster.

Extract wiki's best ideas and bring them to other systems like wordpress blogs and open educational resources.

# Bovill

David Bofill has explored many ways to configure and apply community resources.

Integrate wiki with blockchain technology in particular the IPFS effort lead by Juan Benet.

Support ad-hoc communities with clusters of Raspberry-Pi computers operating on site at events.

Delegate import formatting to remote services using a plugin of his design. See About Transport Plugin

Author structured content for other systems that may or may not include ongoing collaboration in wiki.

# Beyond

We imagine a lasting medium that is diverse but not divisive. With humans in every loop we are most likely to serve our future selves well.

We read to write and write for action. We close this loop with immediate publication where we expect to accelerate progress. See Writing with Strangers

We've engineered a platform with visible texture at multiple scales and little hidden information. We can watch ourselves be us. See Social Chromatography