Formatting Strengths

Wiki offers various markups for formatting text, each with a corresponding plugin that performs the transformation, and each with its own speciality. All implement the same markup for our specialty, the Collaborative Link.

# Paragraph

We call our version of plain text Paragraphs. It is the default when no effort is made to select any other markup. We write in long lines that fold as needed. Unicode characters offer formatting spice like bullets ■ arrows ➨ and check marks ✔︎ See About Paragraph Plugin

Paragraphs automatically spawn new Paragraphs as one types return. A backspace can 'erase' the newline returning edit back to the original item. This is generalized to split and join from the middle of a Paragraph.

# Markdown

We use Markdown conventions for bold, italic, headings and tightly spaced bullets. See About Markdown Plugin

A special feature of our flavor of Markdown is the GitHub inspired checklists. A click of a checkbox toggles the check, which translates to a page editing operation timestamped and logged in the journal.

# MathJax

The MathJax plugin renders LaTeX mathematical notation imbedded within or between the lines of an otherwise normal paragraph. See About MathJax Plugin

Probability of getting \(k\) heads when flipping \(n\) coins \[ P(E) = {n \choose k} p^k (1-p)^{ n-k } \]


Use HTML tags for routine formatting not available in our other plugins. This includes underline, strike-through, sub and superscripts, nested bullets and tables. We scrub clean this markup with the Caja sanitizer so you don't catch malware from other sites. See About HTML Plugin

Markup Strength
Paragraph Split
Markdown Checklist
MathJax Math
HTML Forms

We can write fill-in-the-blank forms using the HTML plugin and have a remote server return a new wiki page that can be forked into the wiki if one chooses.