About Map Properties

The map can have various properties attached to its item json. Look for maps preconfigured to have useful properties.

item.__latlng__ specifies the map center, default NYC.

item.__zoom__ specifies the map zoom, default 13.

item.__tile__ specifies the map tile source, default OSM.

The latlng is used when no markers are found. The zoom is used when less than two markers are found.

# Example

Here we use all properties to configure a map using the Stamen Design tiles, cc-by-sa.

{ "type": "map", "id": "70ab7213605ecdcc", "text": "Near the O2 Arena", "zoom": 15, "latlng": [51.5, 0], "tile": "http://stamen-tiles-{s}.a.ssl.fastly.net/toner/{z}/{x}/{y}.png", }

Near the O2 Arena